Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Sheds, sheds and more sheds

Work on the Shed Space architectural model has begun! Patrick and I spent some time in the Oxford Brookes University Architecture Workshop (big thanks to the School of Architecture for their support!) experimenting with the laser cutting machine.

We felt it appropriate that the first shed design be a replica of our garden shed, which was the inspiration for the exhibition. Still to be completed, the shed shows promise for what we hope the model will be.... namely fun! Inspiration for the model aesthetic comes from the work of Italian artist / architect Vito Acconci who makes some fantastic 'kitch' architectural models of public parks and other spaces.

To make the whimsical shed designs, which will be scattered throughout the model, we've called on the help of a fantastic team of art / architecture students at Oxford Brookes University. Today we met for the first time to discuss the brief. Some fantastic ideas were bandied around.

Exciting times ahead.. stay tuned! 

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