Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Aaaaand...we're in!

The shed has been constructed, the living roof has been planted, and the miniature sheds are installed - Shed Space is now ready to face its public at the opening this Thursday, 19 May.

Patrick (Space Program Ltd.) and Becki (OFS) construct the shed.

End of Day One: the shed is nearly there!

The living roof, planted by clients of the national homelessness charity Crisis, waits to go on.

Some of the whimsical miniature sheds designed by students from Oxford Brookes University.

The shed is ready for the opening!

Tuesday, 3 May 2016

To infinity and beyond!

With installation only one week away, the Shed Space garden scene in complete. By installing four mirrors around the plots, the 18 garden sheds now stretch to infinity (and beyond!). 

You - the spectator - appear in the mirrors as you look through the shed window. A giant in a small world you soon become lost in an endless sea of sheds. The whimsical sheds, designed with art and architecture students at Oxford Brookes University, attract the eye creating interest and celebrating architectural space-making.

The inside of the shed really has been transformed in size and scale. We cannot wait to see it all installed in the gallery and be able to share it with you!